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How to Get the Best Education Possible for Your Child






 By: Debra E. West, M.Ed.

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"Parents have a critically important role to play in the education of their children. [This book] is a compendium of practical information, applicable advice, and useable strategies/techniques for seeking that children receive the most competent instruction, appropriate educational resources, and inductive learning climate possible..."How To Get The Best Education For Your Child - Kindergarten--6th Grade: A Parent's Handbook" is especially recommended for parents who wish to take an active role in insuring that their child receives the very best that any classroom and/or school district has to offer."

-The Midwest Book Review
Oregon, Wisconsin


"This book is GREAT! As a parent & an educator I appreciate how this book can help us collaborate to strengthen the bridge between home & school. It's got some very concrete steps that really promote that vital connection while creating a solid educational foundation for our children. It makes the reader more aware of how much of an investment a quality education really is...."

-Shefau Dabre-Rufus, (Education Professional & Parent)
New Haven, CT

“Finally... an informative, USABLE guide for parents who want to help their children on their educational path to success! Mrs. West, former educator and current Reading Coach, designs a workbook which will be useful to both parents and children from their first year (Kindergarten) to the sixth grade. She brings her vast experience into play with information about what your child should know prior to entering each grade as well as what they should know mid-year and at the end of the year, reading suggestions per grade, contracts for personal responsibility per grade, and much needed information about what you need to know about your child's school and administration. This manual is easy to use, full of valuable information, and will also serve as a 'memory' book as your child makes that journey through elementary school.”

-Tracy Van Buren, (Kindergarten Teacher & Parent)
Huntsville, Alabama


“The Parent’s Handbook will walk you step-by-step from Kindergarten to Sixth grade. In the book she answers many of the questions that we are either afraid to ask or that we do not know to ask. In the book, Mrs. West addresses what your child should know at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. She offers a helpful list of questions to ask both the teacher and the school, all in effort to help your child have a successful academic life. I would highly recommend this book to all parents with preschool and elementary age children. This book would make a great gift for new or expectant parents; it is never too early to start. Thank you, Mrs. West, for taking the guesswork out and implementing a program that allows parents to focus on our children."


-Mrs. X. Elmore, (Parent)
Huntsville, Alabama

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  • TitleHow to Get the Best Education Possible for Your Child - Kindergarten-6th Grade: A Parent's Handbook
  • Number Of Pages: 186
  • Edition: First Edition - B&W Perfect Bound
  • Format/Binding: TP [Perfect Bound]
  • Retail Price: $29.95
  • ASIN: 0982247958
  • Audience: Parents, Teachers, Principles, PTA's (Parents Teachers Associations), School Administrators, School Boards & School Districts, Elected Officials and many mo re.
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: L- 11"[28cm] W- 8.5" D- .464"
  • Product Weight: 1.31 (pounds)
  • ISBN-10: 0-9822479-5-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9822479-5-2
  • LC Control Number: 2009922385
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  • LC Sub. Heading(1): Education--Parent participation--United States.
  • LC Sub. Heading(2): Education--Curricula--United States.
  • LC Sub. Heading(3): Early Childhood Education.
  • LC Sub. Heading(4): learning.
  • LC Sub. Heading(5): Readiness for school.
  • LC Sub. Heading(6): Elementary Education, [Sears].
  • Dewey Decimal Number: 372.21
  • Bisac Sub. (1): EDU007000-EDUCATION / Curricula
  • Bisac Sub. (2): EDU010000-EDUCATION / Elementary
  • Bisac Sub. (3): EDU022000-EDUCATION / Parent Participation
  • Bisac Sub. (4): EDU023000-EDUCATION / Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Bisac Sub. (5): EDU028000-EDUCATION / Study Skills
  • Publication Date: 2009-08-22